As a 31-year old international teacher, it was very difficult for me to find a counselor that I actually wanted to work with. I searched for someone knowledgeable and who was American, like myself, to better understand my history. I consider myself very lucky that I found Lauren because in a short time, I actually did what I thought would be far-fetched: I trusted her. It’s difficult to put into words how important this is while someone tries to uncover their weaknesses, but having met with counselors before, I feel I can fairly say that Lauren has a gift. For the first time in my life, I can share my true feelings and inner struggles openly. I feel that her approachable and gentle manner has helped me on my journey towards becoming a more complete and better person through our meetings. I couldn’t recommend Lauren Trecosta more highly.

International Teacher

I have gone to counselors a couple of times in my life but always felt like it was a waste of time and money – no progress. With just two short sessions with Lauren, I’ve had two major breakthroughs in my thinking and feel like I’m on an important path to healing and becoming a better me! She has the wisdom and insight to help cut through barriers, assist you in discovering where you are and where you want to go and what steps you need to make to get there. She is a compassionate person and a wise counselor and I am thrilled to be on this path with her.

— Michelle Timothy Safadi

Life (as it sometimes does) delivered the perfect storm upon me last spring.  It took a cast of thousands (well, at least 10) to dredge me up.  Lauren was an essential part of the cast.  She is a thoughtful, compassionate, intellectual listener.  Talking to her provided a comfortable place to express my feelings and worries.  But what aided me most was her way of finding the questions embedded in my concerns and posing those questions back to me for the answers.  Lauren truly was a life saver.

—  Special Ed Teacher

Lauren has the wonderful ability to create a comfortable environment where we both feel empowered to talk about various issues. With therapeutic skill and care, she has assisted us in finding ways through our difficulties resulting in greater harmony for our relationship. Whether in person or on line we highly recommend Lauren’s expertise for couples counseling.

— Alexandria, VA, couple

My husband and I went to meet with Lauren to improve our communication skills and minimize conflict between us.  Lauren has an uncanny ability to hone in on exactly what the issues are,  keep us focused and on track, and, in some cases, explain our thinking to each other better than we do ourselves!  The result has been revealing and productive.  She is skilled and compassionate.  I wholeheartedly recommend her for couples counseling to anyone.

— Human Resources Director

I’m not one that readily opens up and shares my feelings, but Lauren has a knack for getting you to do so in a very engaging and non-intrusive manner. I was struggling with stress and anxiety issues and Lauren helped me work through these issues by helping me identify some of the indicators of the onset of problems and providing me with tools to overcome them. I quickly found that I looked forward to my meetings with Lauren in anticipation of the progress I knew that we would make.

— Colonel, USMC

Our family met Lauren a year and a half after the tragic death of our 19-year old daughter/sister in a single-car accident. We were looking for a counselor who would be able to work with our teenagers who were each at a different stage in their grief. At our first meeting, she delicately probed through the hurt to find ways to help them cope with the tremendous loss that will forever be a part of their lives. She guides my daughters through their pain and thought processes helping them to understand their behaviors  and showing them ways to navigate through the grief process. She provides insights into their feelings and emotions in a non-confrontational and non-judgmental manner that allows them to work together toward a healthy outcome. I am forever grateful for Lauren’s ability to work with my family especially at such a pivotal time in our lives.

— Lee Ann Evans

Engaging, warm, and welcoming, Lauren was a tremendous counselor. Her insights were incredibly on target and helped us to understand both the underlying problems in our relationship and the issues we had to deal with as individuals.  She’s a gem–positive, while not shying away from being direct and honest.  I would give her my highest recommendation.

— Colonel, USAF

Lauren has been an absolutely fabulous marriage counselor. We both really like her and feel like she listens to us and understands our individual points of view—which is very unusual, for both spouses to feel equally comfortable with a counselor! Plus, she’s really smart and insightful and the things she says really resonate. She helps us to understand each other’s issues and we find ourselves quoting her to each other, weeks and months later. During our most difficult times, Lauren was willing to see us right away—there was one week when we saw her three times! I have recommended Lauren to so many of my friends that I keep running out of her business cards.

— State Department Professional

Lauren has helped me to realize that the fear and anxiety I feel is not out of the ordinary; that I am normal, and am certainly not alone in my day-to-day struggles.  I have learned techniques to face my fears, to deal with them, and to overcome them. Lauren’s counseling techniques allow me to choose what I want to focus on session-to-session, to bring up and discuss the things that I am dealing with right then.  She is always offering up different methods, techniques, and ideas that keep me actively involved in my therapy.   I do most of the talking during my sessions, with her guiding and organizing my thoughts so that, in a sense, I often arrive at the answers to my questions on my own.  She is very successful at showing me the patterns and thought processes that cause me to feel fearful and anxious.   Overall, I certainly am in a better, more positive place than I was a year ago, and I now have tools to deal with many of the issues that have plagued me for so long. I can see that there is life without constant fear, and that I can be comfortable and happy.

— Staff Sergeant, USAF