There is a light that burns inside you.

It burns brightly and powerfully. It illuminates your path forward.

  • Electrifies your relationships.
  • Magnifies your actions.
  • Charges you with purpose.

rumi light

Be yourself. Be Light.

The light is within you, but not about you. It is about what you have to give to others, to the world around you, your family, your friends, your community, your world —

By simply being yourself.

Your fearless self.

It is important to know the difference.  Your fearful self is meek in self expression or over-grand. Your fearful self is lazy, procrastinates, avoids, runs, hides.

Your fearful self settles for a dim light.  The door to the inner self is closed.  Light only shines through the cracks … giving a very small radiant glimpse of what could be.

When you open the door to being truly you, you are light.

Be the light.

Being light means being love.

It means standing with the strength of being and giving of yourself.

It means being conscious.

It means knowing, beyond doubt, that you are valuable by virtue of being.  It means being satisfied with not knowing — or needing to know anything more complicated than that.  Those are the needs of the ego not the soul.

Being light begins with understanding that you are so because you exist … because you are, not because you do.

How can you radiate more light?

  1. Surround yourself with people who radiate.  You’ll know them when you meet them. They are mindful, genuine, open, and heart-centered.
  2. Get into a practice of mindful meditation. It clears your head of clutter, increases your ability to connect with your heart, and then connect with the hearts of others.
  3. Turn and face your fear.  Get to know it.  Caress it.  Treat it with the gentility you would a child.  It is a reflection of your  fragile self.  Embrace it. Thank it. Then, gently lay it aside … and move forward.

Your light is stronger than your fear.  Open the door. Let it shine.