Lauren Trecosta, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor & Life Coach

Online Coaching to be a hero for your happiness and turn your vision into reality.

Turn Your Vision Into Reality

Create change using your natural gifts and inner strength.

My passion is to help you be a hero for your happiness.

All of my clients have been a hero to somebody or something. Their family, partner, children, parents, friends, work, country.

Over time, we often forget to be a hero for ourselves. There are so many other things to take care of and time is short. 

Becoming a hero for yourself means becoming genuinely aware of the gifts of your being — and consciously going about the challenging work of bringing them to light and sharing them with the world.

It is how we stand for the best in ourselves — and, by extension, the world around us.

Step Into The Fullness Of Your Being.


Create a vision so inspiring it fuels your passion to work to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.


Re-purpose and re-energize your thoughts. New thoughts plus actions lead to explosive breakthroughs.


Be the real you. Honor yourself and your gifts. Stand for them in your life and in relationship with others.


Value your happiness. When you give this gift to yourself, it ripples outward as a gift to others.

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Change-makers know. The first step is awareness. The second is reaching out for help.


Lauren helped me discover the value who I am, articulate the deeper meanings behind my experiences, and learnhow to better express what I want out of life.  Even though life’s chaos and personal tragedy, this experience taught me how to be a hero for my own happiness and begin to create more rewarding relationships and love around me.


Thank you so much for your gentle, yet straight-forward response. You gave me clarity on the past; my responsibility as well as the responsibilities of others. I’ve received a lot of “advice” from others but no one else made sense like you do. You’ve helped me view things more clearly and you’ve given me a direction to work from which I was lacking.


You have a calm presence and a reassuring tone that is most effective for me when my stress is rising. Your thoughts and suggestions are specific and purpose, not vague and generalized. Your words  gently direct me back to the concrete; toward thinking more practically and less emotionally.


In two session,  I’ve had two major breakthroughs in my thinking, feel like I’m on an important path to healing, and becoming a better me! Lauren has the wisdom and insight cut through barriers, assist you in discovering where you are, where you want to go, and what steps to take to get there.


Wake up to the power within. ~ Lauren Trecosta

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